On the heels of the mass school shooting in south Florida, local law enforcement and school officials have had a number of threats, usually made using social media.

Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson took to Facebook Friday to explain what had happened in his county.

Two threats were made over the last day, Watson said in the Facebook live video.

One happened Thursday night on social media. The Sheriff’s department deemed the threats to not be credible. 

Watson says officers went to the houses of children last night and talked to parents.

The second “threat” happened Friday morning about 10:00 am. 

Students approached officers and said there were people joking around about a shooting. Three juveniles were arrested, according to the BCSO's Facebook page.

Watson says that won’t be tolerated.

Extra officers are on duty at every school in Bradley County today.

Later Thursday night in Meigs County, one person was arrested for making a violent threat regarding the schools, using social media.

Another threat, also made on social media, landed a Ringgold High School student in jail.