The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Lee University both scored a two out of four on the 2017 report card on the effectiveness of teacher training programs. 

The teacher preparation report card grades Universities on how well new teachers are prepared after college graduation. The report card shows UTC has improved their overall performance by 4.5%, while Lee University has dropped their performance by 4.5%.

The report focuses on four topics: Candidate Profile, Employment, Satisfaction and Provider Impact.

UTC showed improvement involving test scores of the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System, which measures student growth. But, their score decreased when it came to placing teachers in schools and keeping them there more than a year. 

Channel 3 reached out to UTC's Director of the School of Education, Renee Murley, who said UTC is working to improve their overall score.

"We currently have several committees involving regional school districts to help us address these issues to develop action plans," said Murley. 

UTC has improved their overall performance from last year's report card and Murley said it's because the school is focusing on the needs of their local school districts, Hamilton and Marion County. 

Lee University showed some weaknesses with the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System but their score increased with placing teachers in public schools.

Channel 3 reached out to Lee University for a response on their overall performance but have not yet heard back. 

Here is the full report card for UTC:

Here is Lee University's full report card:

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