Valentine's Day isn't only for humans. Animals at the Tennessee Aquarium received some special valentines from Aquarium guests.

Last Saturday, the Aquarium invited guests to make cards for their favorite Aquarium animals and learn about the importance of environmental enrichment in keeping the animals happy and healthy.

Guests also learned about a special wishlist on Amazon where they can purchase special toys and other items to support the enrichment program.

Altogether, 153 cards were created for various Aquarium animals.

The "love" doesn't stop at Valentine's Day at the Aquarium, though.

February 20th, they will host their first Aquarium After-Hours event. The theme will be "Love is the Water."

"Attendees will tour the River Journey building and Aquarium experts will be on hand to introduce a variety of Aquarium species that have particularly interesting reproduction techniques," a Tennessee Aquarium spokesperson told Channel 3.

You can learn more about the event on the Tennessee Aquarium's website because animals need love too!