A levee in Lookout Valley has been fixed, Wednesday.

Crews say the break could have been bad for properties near Lookout Lake if they didn't get it fixed fast. 

"We had a lot of water that was flowing out, and there was a concern that that could create a problem for downstream properties," City Engineer Bill Payne said. 

Payne said crews worked throughout the night to stabilize the area and help protect properties downstream. 

"We came in and we've taken some large rock, 6-12 inch roughly, on the size. We've taken that with some filter fabric, so the fabric is there to keep the soil in place in case it moves around and then the stone is there to be some heavy weight on top to give it some additional stability," he added. 

But this fix is temporary until engineers can meet with the state and property owner to figure out what's exactly going on and how to fix it for good. 

"The real cause of this is somewhere underwater right now and trying to figure out how to address that will take a series of steps," Payne said. 

Nearby Wauhatchie School was closed Wednesday while repairs were being made. 

Officials say the school will be open Thursday.