UPDATE: Judge Tom Greenholtz said the Economy Inn on Brainerd Road can re-open but only under certain conditions. 

The hotel was shut down by the Hamilton County District Attorney's Office last week.

Nearly 200 people had to pack up their belongings and leave.

Judge Greenholtz says the hotel can reopen if they have 24-hour security, look into extra lighting, and provide access to rooms for inspections. 

Multiple witnesses testified that the hotel is a big problem in the area. 

The owner says she was not aware of the issues. However, the state says the owner was notified about the issues. 

There were  about 800 9-1-1 calls made from the hotel in the last two years. 

The judge says at least 50 of those were criminal. 

The owner asked the judge for a week to assess and make sure she still has customers.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: The owner of the Economy Inn on Brainerd Road was in court Monday. The hotel was shut down last week. It was declared a "public nuisance" by the state of Tennessee and District Attorney General Neal Pinkston.

Here is the latest on the proceedings:

Officer Novak said that she typically responded to disorders, fights, public intoxication, drugs at the Economy Inn. Also, the rooms at the hotel are not ones where she would stay or have anyone else stay.

Sgt. Massengale with the Chattanooga Police said that there are other businesses around the Economy Inn, but patrol has responded to that hotel more often than others. He also said the staff was rarely available in the office.

PREVIOUS STORY: The owner of the Economy Inn on Brainerd Road sent a statement to the Channel 3 newsroom in response to her hotel being shut down this week.

The hotel was declared a "public nuisance" by the state of Tennessee and District Attorney General Neal Pinkston.

Owner Janice Hixson says she was not notified of any problems with her hotel until the day it was shut down.

The following is Hixson's entire statement:

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PREVIOUS STORY: Twelve Hamilton County students were among those who lived at Economy Inn on Brainerd Road when officials shut the hotel down Wednesday, leaving those students and their families with no place to go. 

School district leaders said they met immediately after receiving word to come up with a plan of how to help. 

Jill Levine, who serves as Chief of the Opportunity Zone, said students displaced are protected under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, meaning they will be allowed to stay at their current school and the system will help with transportation. 

Levine said it's one way educators are trying to offer support. 

"We had extra counselors at school today. Faculty members were coming up with lists for students, what do you need, what do you not have right now. Sometimes it's little things, sometimes it's a hug, sometimes it's a new pair of pants or a coat or an extra snack pack to take home," she added. 

School staff will continue to work with student to help them in any way they can. 

Levine said educators often help students with situations like this, but it's uncommon for it to happen to several students at one time. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A newly-issued court order Wednesday has resulted in a local extended stay hotel being shuttered.

The Economy Inn, located at 5505 Brainerd Road, has been declared a "public nuisance" by the state of Tennessee and District Attorney General Neal Pinkston.

Drug activity, recent shootings and complaints about public intoxication led to the action. The owners have been contacted on multiple occasions by authorities but did not respond.

Some 800 emergency 911 calls were made about the hotel since 2016, Channel 3 has learned.

The order effectively closes the hotel and prevents anyone from entering the premises. Crews worked in the rain to put plywood over doors and windows to seal the building off.

Residents at the hotel were awakened by police and evicted Wednesday.

The owners are due in court Monday.

Channel 3 has a crew at the hotel and will update this developing story.