An ABC affiliate in Chicago made an unfortunate error on TV.

In a recent newscast, a graphic about the Olympics said the host city was the restaurant P.F. Chang's instead of the city PyeongChang.

The Chicago Tribune reported that a spokesperson for the ABC affiliate spoke to Inc. about the mix-up: 

"Jayme Nicholas, a spokesperson for the ABC affiliate in Chicago, told Inc. that the goof was the result of a mix-up. The graphic was created for a different “satirical piece” put together on Friday by sports anchor Mark Giangreco in which viewers were encouraged to invent their own Olympic sports, but it was mistakenly also used for the serious news story read on Saturday by weekend anchor Mark Rivera, Nicholas said."

People took to social media to discuss the error.

P.F. Chang's tweeted a response too. 

The restaurant has also launched the P.F. Chang's Games 2018 on Twitter and is asking the public to reply with which event they would dominate.