UPDATE: In Walker County, frustration is growing as some residents say they are unfairly being charged too much on their water bills. Some people are saying their bill was as much as four times higher than they normally are and some residents are speaking up to find out what happened.

“This month my bill was 513.65 cents," Wendy Clement said. That’s how much Clement said she was charged for her bill in February.

"So for me to get to 110,000 that would be at least 4 months, so clearly my meter has not been read for four months,” she explained.

However, the Walker County Rural Water Authority said they have read the meter.

"Water went through that meter, it had to go somewhere, we haven't figured it out either,” Mike Wade, manager of the utility company.

The utility company says they have two employees on staff that check about 13,000 meters every month. However, some residents like Clement find themselves scratching their heads because she says she's being over charged.

"I am really having a hard time believing that my meter has been read every month because that leak would have been found. I’ve had no change in my water pressure, I’ve had no unusual puddling,” she told the board.

And she wasn’t alone. Others filled a board meeting Monday night with their bills in hand, looking for answers, while others want to make sure they don't end up with a hefty bill in the future.

"But next month, I’m concerned if we don't find out what the problem is mine might be one of those 800 dollar ones and I can't handle that,” one customer said.

The board heard their concerns and said they're going to investigate the matter and determine what happened.

"I just don't see how our meters are being read every month and they're not owning up to that,” said Clement.

The board suggested hiring someone just to read meters or to install meters that are able to be read electronically.

This isn't the first time the utility has had issues this year.

We first told you in a 3 On Your Side report last month about a couple that was charged about $900.

Channel 3 learned that the company has a policy that states if a water meter is checked and proved effective, the customer must pay the full bill.

If Georgia residents want dispute the charges, they can file a complaint against their utility company online.

ORIGINAL STORY: Some Walker County residents are outraged over a spike in their water bills.

Monday night, customers with the Walker County Rural Water Authority voiced their frustrations at a board meeting.

Customers say they feel their water meters are not being read every month. 

One customer says she received a water bill for more than $500 after her meter read she used 110,000 gallons of water in just one month.

Wendy Clement   "In that one week period, it said I had used 6,000 gallons and in my head the math works, 6,000 gallons in one week, four weeks in a month, that's 24,000 gallons," Wendy Clements tells Channel 3. "For me to get to 110,000 that would be at least four months, so clearly my meter has not been read for four months."

Officials with the utility say they have been reading meters each month, and are looking into if something could be wrong with them.