Dozens of Chattanooga Fire Fighters and community members were honored for their service.

An off-duty firefighter and several community members responded to a house fire on Judys Lane, all putting their lives on the line to save the life of their neighbor.

September 17 of last year Captain Steve Everett was spending time with his family, off duty, when he saw a house on Judys Lane burning.

“Hot, the smoke was building up. It was relatively waste time in smoke,” said Captain Steve Everett, Medal of Heroism.

Without any protective gear Captain Everett responded make sure everyone was out of the home.

“We are trained to help we come in and seen somebody's house on fire and we wanted to make sure everything is OK,” said Captain Everett

Captain Everett was not alone. Several neighbors also pitched in to help to get the homeowners out.

“It would've been hard for one man to have gotten her out,” said Robert Gifford, Citizen Achievement Award. "Each one of us grabbed an arm and a leg because she was unconscious the smoke had overcame her."

Robert Gifford, one of the neighbors who helped in the woman’s rescue, says he was determined.

“I've been burned before, no it's not something you want to go through.” Said Gifford.

“That's when you can tell the difference between a coward and a hero.” Said Gifford. “A coward runs away and a hero runs in. Firefighters have my utmost respect.”

Captain Steve Everett received the Medal of Heroism. His civilian helpers were also given the Citizen Achievement Award for their efforts.