The Athens community is helping teachers fight the flu in classrooms. Businesses participating in the Adopt-A-School program are supplying every staff member with cleaning supplies.

Teachers said the donations make a big difference during this flu season.

Amy Sherlin knows, in her classroom full of kindergarteners at City Park Elementary, germs spread like wildfire.

“You think there’s a lot of stuff in the classroom,” Sherlin explained, “With their tables, the computers, their pencils, their crayons.”

So she’s spending a lot of time cleaning this year. She cleans her classroom three to four times a day, disinfecting everything from tables to even pencils and crayon boxes. All to keep the flu from spreading.

“I try to teach the kids how to sneeze and cough into their elbows, but they are kindergartners, so I clean all throughout the day,” Sherlin added.

As a teacher, she already spends hundreds of dollars every year on her classroom. Buying supplies to disinfect is another expense.

“Definitely adds up. A Lysol wipe like this is probably five dollars,” Sherlin said holding a container of wipes. “And just think, we go through a lot of these in a week.”

So five community partners jumped in to help, each donating roughly $250 of cleaning supplies to each of the five Athens City Schools.

That came out to be three buckets of disinfecting wipes for every classroom and one for every staff member without a classroom, like the front office and PE teachers.

Sherlin said the donations make a huge difference for teachers and students.

“I mean, wiping pencils down every day you wouldn’t think that’s a big deal,” she urged, “When you have 20 kids wiping the pencils, and cleaning the chairs, and the tables makes a huge difference in keeping them healthy.”

Each of the five Athens City Schools also just received foggers, which spray down the schools every day to help disinfect hallways as well.

At City Park Elementary School, attendance is at 95 percent. It’s usually around 97 percent. Across the Athens City School system, attendance is hovering around 94 percent overall. Teachers believe they are doing well at fighting the flu this season so far.