Several roads in Hixson are flooded after a weekend full of rain.

Many community members are having to find alternate routes around town.

Drivers say when it rains for multiple days, it's likely there will be flooding.

But, parts of the Hixson area are seeing more flooding than normal.

In Hixson, there are many roads closed because of flooding, even a shopping center parking lot.

Some drivers have to turn around to find another way to get home.

“It won't take much for you to go straight off into that it won't take much at all,” said Charles Grider, resident.

Everyone that Channel 3 spoke to says this type of flooding happens every time it rains for a few days.

“A year ago I seen a car on the other end of 153 appear Boy Scout meets 153 there was a car in the only thing you could see was the top of it,” said Grider.

Most of the drivers traveling in Hixson did not try to drive through the water covered roads, but there was one who wouldn't accept defeat.

“Yeah I like a challenge and I like my pick-up truck,” said Tim Nichols, resident.  “Because if you drive a small car is not going to be good for you to drive on the road to have a high 4x4 I just drive.”

Tim Nichols lives on Lower Mill Road and it took him about 5 to 10 minutes to make it across this flooded area.

“Oh I can drive back I can if I want to have to go to the store and come back home I live on that road,” said Nichols.

While some are in a hurry to get to their destination, Sam Hall and his wife were just out enjoying the weather.

Hall stopped at this overpass to snap a few photos.

“I have a good camera at home and I wish I had brought it but it's interesting to see nature's fury, so to speak,” said Sam Hall.

The water sounding much like a waterfall may be here for a few more days.

“I'd say probably take at least maybe a week for you to even get through here,” said Grider.

While the main roads are drivable, it's the back roads that are causing some trouble.