Chattanooga Police responded to an aggravated rape near the 1000 block of Baldwin Street Friday night.
The incident happened just before 9:00 pm near The Howard School.
Police say a female victim was found unresponsive on the curb. She was transported to a local hospital.
Witnesses were able to provide officers with detailed information of the suspects who were later identified as 60-year-old Lee Terrell and 56-year-old David Bulloch.
One witness told officers he heard the victim screaming for the suspects to stop. A witness then attacked the men, kicking them in the ribs, and called police. Two other witnesses confirmed the events.
Officers detained Terrell and Bulloch for questioning by investigators with the Special Victim's Unit.
During questioning, both men accused the other of molesting the woman and claimed they ran the other off. They also changed their stories a number of times, according to investigators. 
Warrants were issued for both suspects for aggravated rape.
Terrell and Bulloch were taken to the Hamilton County Jail. 

Bulloch is being held on a $250,000 bond, while Terrell's bond is set at $200,000.