Investigators in Catoosa County are looking for the person who stole from a couple who recently lost nearly everything in a fire. 

It happened on Briarwood Drive in the Windstone subdivision. 

Joey King and his wife returned to the home they shared for more than a decade in flames in early January. 

They lost everything they owned from clothing and furniture to pictures and priceless heirlooms. 

King said they've spent the last month slowly getting back on their feet. 

But then, Tuesday, another setback. 

King stopped to check on the home and noticed something missing. 

King said someone cut the air conditioning unit from the back of the home and left with it sometime between Friday and Tuesday. 

"You could still tell that it was a brand new unit, just if you looked at it or knew anything about them, it was a brand new unit still. Somebody saw dollar signs," he said. 

The Catoosa County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case. 

They hope cameras at the subdivision's front gate will help narrow their search for who is responsible. 

"I can't believe they want to try to think they're going to better their self off of our misery and our sorrow," King said. 

While investigators work, King focuses on what he has left instead of what fire and thieves took from his family. 

If you have any information that can lead investigators to who is responsible, call the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office at 706-935-2424.