Channel 3 is learning that Grundy County Director of Schools Jessie Kinsey has not been evaluated during her time leading the school system, which goes against state policy.

The school system has faced scrutiny since the investigation into an alleged attempted rape that started last fall. The case involved five football players at the high school field house in October.

Channel 3 obtained a copy of Jessie Kinsey’s personnel file, which contains no evaluations. Kinsey has been Director of Schools since 2015.  

During an evaluation, one key topic is developing improvements in the school systems leadership.

Chairwoman Phyllis Lusk said during the January board meeting that Kinsey hasn't been evaluated because there is confusion about when she is supposed to be evaluated.

Lusk said board policy, state policy and Kinsey's contract all have different guidelines.

However, the Grundy County School Board policy posted online, state policy and Kinsey’s contract all state that she is required to be evaluated once a year. Only Kinsey’s contract states specific dates for her to be evaluated.

During the January meeting, Lusk said Kinsey's contract requires her to get an evaluation tool created by the board by August 30th and her evaluation must be completed by December 18th. Contrary to that statement, Kinsey’s contract states she must be evaluated by June 30th every year.

Lusk said board members will discuss the evaluation at the next meeting. It was tabled at a previous one.