A Chickamauga woman says someone emptied a storage unit that held her deceased father’s belongings and she’s desperate to locate them.
Erica Libby says most of the items she left in the unit were not worth much, but their sentimental value is high.

Libby visited Smith Mini Storage on South Highway 341 this week and was surprised to find her storage unit empty.

“My things are gone and it doesn't seem like I'm going to find them,” said Erica Libby.

She says she has rented the unit for three years and is up-to-date on her monthly payments.

She normally visits once a month, but she had been caring for her mother so she has not checked as much recently.

She says it was mostly college books and old paperwork inside.

But it is the family photos and things that belonged to her dad that she is desperate to find. When he died, Libby moved some of his favorite paintings and furniture into the unit.

“I’ve held on to them since 2007. They are difficult to go through but you know, I didn't want to get rid of any of it,” said Libby.

Erica says the business was not able to offer any explanation.

An employee told Channel 3 no one could talk about the situation.

Erica filed a police report, but she says authorities do not believe a crime was committed.
“My unit was maybe auctioned by mistake or maybe the owners cleaned it out and I hope it was a mistake,” said Libby.

Libby says because other units have not been tampered with that law enforcement say that her unit might not have been burglarized but as other than the fact that the lock is missing from her unit and her items are gone.
“It would be ideal because there's no cameras in and it's not right up on the street and he said every unit would've been involved,” said Libby.
Libby does not believe she will not get her belongings back, but she hopes her story serves as a warning to others who store things they care about.

“Check on your units open your doors I mean check your stuff,” said Libby.

Companies do offer insurance on stored property.

Libby didn’t have insurance since most of the items only held sentimental value.

Libby is not aware of any other customers missing belongings.

We are told the owner of the storage business will be in touch with us about the incident.

When that happens, you can count on us to update this story.