A Maine man is attending his 52nd Super Bowl this Sunday, along with other members of the "Never Miss a Super Bowl Club."

Don Crisman, 81, of Kennebunk, arrived in Minneapolis earlier in the week so he could cheer on the New England Patriots for Super Bowl LII.

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Crisman's personal "Never Miss a Super Bowl Club" was down to three members for last year’s Super Bowl. According to the Portland Press Herald, it was Crisman, Tom Henschel, of Pittsburgh, and Larry Jacobson of San Francisco. Jacobson died nine months later.

"Larry was a special person, big part of my life," said an emotional Crisman Friday at a Minneapolis restaurant. "We only met 16-17 years ago. We’ve been in this club 17 years together."

At the restaurant, Crisman and Hensel toasted Jacobson and other members that have passed. And even though they lost Jacobson, they gained his daughter, Heather Faller, who they have made an honorary member.

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"I think that he would think it was amazing. I think he would be proud knowing that I was living that legacy," Faller said.

The group also met another member on Friday — Gregory Eaton of Michigan.

Crisman said he will continue to attend Super Bowls as long as his health holds up and his wife allows it.

Two years ago, the NFL recognized 13 others in addition to Crisman who have attended every Super Bowl. They included five fans, three writers, three photographers, a groundskeeper and a team official.