The gym is a great place to get in a workout, but it can also be a hotspot for germs.

With flu cases on the rise, one local gym is taking extra precautions to make sure members are safe.

Whether you’re running on a treadmill, lifting weights or in the locker room, germs are everywhere at the gym. With high flu numbers, staff members at Orangetheory Fitness are working extra hard to make sure people don't share germs.

"We are doing everything we possibly can to make sure we're keeping it germ-free," head coach Zack Fenderson explained.

According to the CDC, Tennessee is experiencing high flu activity. Over 900 cases were reported in Hamilton County just last week.
The CDC recommends using two towels when you're at the gym. Use one for your face, and the other to wipe equipment.

With dozens of people circulating through classes, fitness instructors are also urging people to clean machines after workouts with sanitizing wipes, wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.

Fenderson said there are also deep cleanings scheduled regularly, "the studio gets cleaned by a professional cleaning crew multiple times a week, and then, we as coaches, Monday through Friday clean the studio twice a day, including the weekends as well."

Instructors said they have had a lot of people missing classes due to the flu or flu-like symptoms, but that's okay. They urge clients experiencing any flu-like symptoms to stay home.

"Their safety is our number one concern, so obviously we're going to suggest they stay home and get better," Fenderson said.