Christian Bushman says, "I think it is one of the most important things anybody should learn."

This is what Christian Bushman is talking about CPR and she should know, she says it is the reason she's still alive today.

Christian Bushman says, "I should have been dead, but thank God it didn't happen."

Christian is talking about what started out as a routine day back in May of 2014.

Christian Bushman says, "I was cleaning house and doing everything I normally do and somehow something out of the closet fell and hit me in the chest and put me down."

Her husband couldn't revive her, so he ran next door to his sister's house for help.

Cathy Carson, Christian's Sister-in-law says, " When I arrived I did find that she was unresponsive and she was not breathing and did not have a pulse.'

Cathy happens to be a CPR instructor, but says doing it on a family member was more challenging than she thought.

Cathy Carson says, "I felt like that my heart was beating out of my chest I was wishing her heart was beating just as much."

But it wasn't.

Sadly, what happened to Christian isn't uncommon. 70 percent of cardiac arrests that occur outside of a hospital, happen in homes.

Cathy Carson says, "Everything kicked in I initiated CPR, had my brother call 9-1-1, started doing CPR."

Cathy was able to bring her back, but then she lost her again, before re-initiating CPR.

Christian was breathing on her own when Life-Force arrived.

Christian Bushman says, "Thank God Cathy was next door she was home."

And that she knew CPR.

Christian says she wants to make sure she can pay it forward. She learned and has even taught CPR.

Christian Bushman says, "You can save people, don't stand there and watch them die."

Here is an interesting fact when it comes to women and CPR: a recent study says women are less likely than men to get CPR from a bystander and more likely to die. Researchers think that might be because of a reluctance to touch a woman's chest.

To learn more about getting you CPR certification, visit We R CPR's website. You can also call 423-553-040 or click here to send an email.