Have you seen this man? Dalton police are asking for the public;'s help in identifying a man who reportedly tried to pass counterfeit $100 bills at a convenience store.

Shortly before 2:00am on January 31 at a Mapco store on Chattanooga Road, a young white male came into the store and attempted to buy a pack of cigarettes with the counterfeit $100 bill, according to DPB spokesman Bruce Frazier.

The clerk recognized that the bill did not have the correct security features and appeared to have pink letters in what appeared to be Chinese characters where a serial number should have been. 

When the clerk challenged the suspect about the fake money, he immediately left the store along with a white female who came in with the suspect. They drove away in a maroon late 90’s model GMC Yukon.

The suspect was a white male with bleached blonde hair and what police describe as a "noble attempt" at facial hair. He wore a black t-shirt with a gold or silver chain and a denim jacket and blue jeans.

Anyone who can identify the suspect or who has information about the crime is asked to please contact Officer Benjamin Porter at 706-278-9085, extension 579 or by email at bporter@cityofdalton-ga.gov.