What's up with Alexa?

In case you missed it there's a new Super Bowl ad coming from Amazon and it suggests that Alexa has lost her voice.

The ad begins with a woman in her bathroom brushing her teeth and asking Alexa for the forecast.

"In Austin it's 60 degrees with 'cough cough'," Alexa says.

That scene is followed by a news anchor saying Alexa has lost her voice then Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos rushing into an office and asking how it's even possible.

His staff says they have backup voices on standby then we see celebrities such as Missy Elliott, Chef Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Hopkins taking over for Alexa answering questions over headsets as they come in live.

So what's the story?

The short version of the ad ends with a very cryptic 2.4.18 on the screen, the date of this week's Super Bowl.

The campaign implies there's at least one new voice coming to Alexa devices.

But what, or who's?

Alexa is a computerized voice that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to answer questions.

No one sat in an audio booth recording answers.

Alexa does have the option of adding voices as alarm sounds but not the default voice.

So what's it going to be?

It's virtually impossible to change the voice to a real human's since they'd at least have to record each word in the human language.

At the end of the 1:30 version of the ad Alexa can be heard with a new more human voice telling the actors "I can take it from here" but that's all Amazon, or Alexa is saying.