Congressional Republicans finally arrived at their retreat Wednesday afternoon, after the train they were in collided with a truck.

The crash happened just after 11:00 a.m. near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Two Amtrak workers and two train passengers were injured. One person in the garbage truck was killed and another was seriously injured.

Lawmakers were headed to a resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. They were taken by bus for the remainder of the trip.

At least three Tennessee lawmakers were on board the train at the time of the crash, including Congressman Chuck Fleischmann.

Fleischmann and his son were headed to the retreat. Neither was injured in the crash.

For the second time in seven months, Brenda Fleischmann has watched from home, as her husband was in the middle of a life-threatening incident. She says she talked to her husband over the phone around 7 o'clock Wednesday morning as they routinely do. About four hours later she got another phone call.

"I was actually upstairs and I saw that I had missed a phone call from my husband and so I texted him and told him I was actually here and then he called me," said Fleischmann. 

Brenda Fleischmann says as soon as she answered the phone, her husband asked her one question.

"He asked me if I had the television on and I said no; he told me what had happened so I immediately turned the television on," 

She says her husband assured her that he and their 26 year old son, James, were safe. Both were on board an Amtrak train headed to a legislative retreat in West Virginia, when it hit a garbage truck. Brenda Fleischmann says watching the scene unfold was too familiar. 

"It was kind of strange to be seeing him on the TV again like that." 

Last summer, Congressman Fleischmann was on the field with his GOP congressional baseball team when shots were fired; six people were injured. 

"You learn not to take anything for granted and we are constantly praying for each other when we are apart." 

Brenda Fleischmann says she will continue to lean on her faith each time her husband leaves home, but she is also praying for those who aren't able to return home to their loved ones. 

"We are concerned about the individuals that were hurt and of course praying for the family of the gentleman that was killed; that's what's most important." 

The retreat will go on as planned this weekend.

Vice President Mike Pence is already there. The president is expected to arrive on Thursday.