A viral Facebook post is circulating again warning users that they probably have people they don't know following them.

The post has been copied and shared millions of times over the last several years but lots of people are seeing it for the first time.

The post says the following: "This is creepy. Go to your Facebook account settings, then blocking, then block users, and type in "following me without the quotes into the text box and hit the "block" button. You will find 15-20 or more people FOLLOWING YOU that you do not know!"

If you choose to follow the instructions it is guaranteed you will find the same random strangers on the list.

Creepy it is, totally accurate it is not.

By searching "following me" Facebook is actually going to return search results of other users with the words "following me" in their profile information.

These people are likely NOT following you.

You can block them one at a time if you like but it's doubtful those people have even heard of you. But it does bring up the questions again of who is following me and why.

Most of the time you gain followers by them sending you a friend request and you not answering.

They can see your posts and status updates but you cannot see theirs.

Still, most Facebook users have no idea who is following them.

To find out, you'll need to go to a different part of your Facebook account.

Under 'Friends', hover over the 'More' tab and select 'Followers'.

You'll see some familiar names and faces of people who aren't officially Facebook friends but who can see anything you post publicly.

You would have no idea they can see those posts though.

Most are probably acquaintances or friends of friends.

You might also see people you've never seen or heard of and you might even run across a fictitious person or two.

Should you care that those people are following you? Maybe.

You see when someone follows you they can see everything you post publicly.

Sharing pictures of your vacation when you're still on vacation?

If you post those photos without changing the privacy settings to "friends", anyone on or off Facebook can see them.

But when someone is following you, your posts will appear on their timeline.

It's a good idea to review who's following you on Facebook and block anyone you don't know.

Hackers can use this opening to send friend requests and spam your way.

Facebook suggests doing a privacy check from time to time to make sure you're only sharing the information to only people you want to see it.

Go to your Facebook account, click settings then privacy and take a few minutes to see what you're sharing and with whom.