At least 600 people sleep outside or in shelters each night in Chattanooga. It's a heartbreaking reality one couple is hoping to help change through their new non-profit organization.

It's called Restoring Hearts Shelter, Inc. 

Keith and Tracey Walls have been always helped those in need. They just quit their jobs within the past two months. Since then they've been visiting the homeless everyday bringing them food, supplies and most importantly, hope. 

A handful of tents mark a hidden field off of East 11th street behind. Some call it "Tent City." Stephani Shaw and Clarence Cordell call it home. 

"I'd rather have a roof and a job or some type of help and they don't offer it," said Cordell. 

The young couple has stayed here for the past two months, while trying to overcome their troubling past, but they say not having opportunities or support makes it hard. 

"Nobody said it would be easy and we didn't expect easy. We expected to make a path and until two months ago we weren't able to do that," said Shaw. 

That's when they met the Walls; another couple devoting their lives to their new non-profit. 

"We're doing what we want to do. My life to me is more fulfilling now than it's ever been in my life," said Mr. Walls. 

The Walls visit everyday; delivering tents, food, clothes, supplies, fire wood., etc. But they say the little things like conversation go a long way. 

"A lot of them have lost hope. they don't know who to turn to; they didn't know who to turn to. they don't know anything about resources, who to go to, who to talk to you," said Mrs. Walls. "I mean this is reality this is not a movie this is not a book this is reality these are people that live in our community that need help." 

It's something the Walls plan to offer through their organization, and soon through their all- day shelter. They hope to build the shelter where Shaw and Cordell currently call home. 

"Let's rehabilitate them all; help them get jobs; help him get back into society that's what they really want," said Mr. Walls. 

Shaw and Cordell agree. 

"This is where we are. This is who we are right now," said Shaw. "But it's not who we are going to be."

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