UPDATE: Saturday afternoon a burglary turned into a standoff between Bradley County deputies and an armed man.

It started at about 12:30 pm on Belleview Drive Southeast and lasted about two hours.      

There were multiple neighbors who were concerned about the safety of the homeowner. The homeowner is an elderly woman who thought the burglar was a stranger, but it turned out to be her son, Michael Long.

Several neighbors anxiously watched to see how the standoff would end.

“Police just kept showing up and showing up, so we started to get concerned about it,” neighbor Matthew Dionisio.

This tightknit community clung to one another to hear any news about their friends at the other end of Belleview Drive.

“We thought he must've snapped so that was a real concern to us,” Dionisio said.

An elderly woman called 911 to report an active burglary, but what she didn't know was the burglar was her son, 63-year-old Michael Long.

“Seen a gentleman in the hallway he had what appeared to be a handgun; he went back to the back bedroom in the northwest corner of the house,” Sheriff Eric Watson said.

There were dozens of SWAT personnel and a negotiator on the scene trying to get Long to cooperate.

“To get him out of the house, to comply, we ended up guessing the room and upon coming out he was tased,” Sheriff Watson said.

Matthew Dionisio and his family have lived in this neighborhood for about two years.

“It's nice, it's quite; sometimes police will come here once in a while but it's just petty crime,” Dionisio said.

Dionisio said recently things have changed.

“That house right in front of us had police called to it a number of times because of robberies and things. This neighborhood has had a lot of burglaries and such; it's kind of getting a bit dangerous,” said Dionisio.

Everyone involved in the standoff is okay.

Sheriff Watson says Long will be charged with aggravated assault on an officer, and there could be more charges on the way.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Bradley County Sheriff's Office has taken the suspect into custody.

The suspect, 63-year-old Michael Hersheal Long, is the homeowner's son. He faces a charge of aggravated assault on an officer.

PREVIOUS STORY: Bradley County Sheriff's deputies are currently involved in a standoff with an armed man.

Chief Eric Watson told Channel 3 that dispatch received a call just after 12:30 pm that a burglary was taking place at a home on Belleview Dr, S.E. When deputies arrived, they saw the suspect in the hallway with a firearm. The man then barricaded himself in a backroom of the home. 

The SWAT team is communicating with the man. 

The woman who was inside the home was able to safely escape.

The public is asked to stay away from the area at this time. 

Channel 3 has a crew on the way to the scene. This is a developing story.