Dewayne Halfacre was on the run for a week.

It all started Friday when Halfacre and Timothy Howell were reportedly involved in a violent robbery in middle Tennessee.

Howell was taken into custody Monday morning in Whitwell, and the search for Halfacre continued until Friday afternoon in a wooded area.

Many are wondering how he survived all week in the cold temperatures without food.

Being in a city so steeped in outdoor activities, we have no shortage of people to consult for information on survival-type skills.

Channel 3 talked with Josh Legg who's worked the last 12 years at Rock Creek Outfitters. He says when you're planning to be out in the elements for an extended period of time, there are a number of things you can do. But, in Dewayne Halfacre's case, his first concern may not have been food or shelter if he's been able to survive. 

"The first thing you're probably going to want to figure out is how to get water," Legg says.

Legg says most of the folks they deal with have planned to be outdoors for a period of time. They purchase products to dress in layers, they take along extra food, insulation, and first aid supplies.

Dewayne Halfacre likely had to improvise and unless he found some abandoned cabin, like in a thriller at the theatre, he'd have had to make do with what the land gave him.

Legg tells Channel 3, in a situation like this, shelter is equally as important as water and it's vital to find a place that shelters you from wind and rain.

"So you either need to find an overhead of a rock you can get underneath and protect yourself from the elements," Legg says. "You're going to need some insulation."

"If you aren't prepared you're probably going to be stuffing leaves, any kind of dried straw or hay in your shirt and pants to actually hold warm air against your body," adds Legg.

It's said when Halfacre was captured, he said he was starving.

He was on the run for five days in Marion County.