Eight civil lawsuits can now move forward in the Benjamin Brewer case after Brewer was convicted on criminal charges Thursday. 

The victims and their families have waited two and a half years for settlements to help pay for the damage and medical bills left from the crash. 

Ryan Humphries was hurt in the crash and represents one of those eight lawsuits. 

He says insurance covered most of his medical bills, but he's waiting to hear from his lawyer about what happens next. He's also waiting to hear from Benjamin Brewer. 

Humphries' body is littered with scars from the crash that stopped traffic and his drive home to Cleveland. 

He suffered a gash on his head, a shattered elbow and a burn so bad it required six surgeries to heal. 

Thursday, he finally got a little bit of closure, when a Davidson County jury found Brewer guilty of causing the crash that killed six people. 

A verdict he waited two and a half years to hear.

"I mean, I hate the situation. I hate the actions he took to that point. But I don't hate him," Humphries said. 

Humphries said he still continues to heal physically and mentally. 

After the crash, he earned a commercial driving license and drove a tractor trailer for a year. 

He said it's given him a different perspective on what happened. 

"When you get in a commercial vehicle, there's a certain level of responsibility you take more than a regular driver," he said. 

Driving the stretch of Interstate 75, where the crash happened, is getting easier but moving on is hard without one thing. 

"I really wish he would have made a statement or just manned up and said, 'I screwed up, I'm sorry,'" he added. 

Those words never came. 

Brewer chose not to take the stand. 

Humphries hopes he will take responsibility when he's sentenced in March. 

Humphries and the other victims in the crash will have the opportunity to address Brewer during his sentencing hearing. 

Brewer will also have the chance to address the court, if he wants to. 

We will be in the courtroom that day and keep you updated.