UPDATE: Friday afternoon fire crews responded to a boat that was on fire at the Island Cove Marina.

Fire officials reported the owners had been running the boat this morning, left the marina and moments later they received a phone call about the fire.

The 25-foot long cruiser boat is destroyed. Officials are estimating the damage to be about $80,000.

“They found a vessel that was had a lot of smoke coming from it and started to burn, so they pushed it out of the marina to protect the marina and other vessels around,” said TWRA Officer Joe McSpadden.

The fire was first noticed by a neighbor at the marina.

Marina staff members were able to release the boat onto the Tennessee River before the fire spread.

Officer McSpadden says if the boat would have stayed on the dock, it could have been a lot worse because of a certain substance boats have on them. 

“It's a glue substance and burns just like gasoline and once it gets started going it will usually start burning all the way down to the water because the water won't let it burn any further,” said  McSpadden.

While the cause of this fire is still under investigation, McSpadden says a boat can catch fire for a number of reasons. One reason is electrical issues and the other is not winterizing your boat.

McSpadden says boat fires are the least common of boat accidents. 

No one was hurt. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Firefighters and hazmat crews responded to a boat fire in Harrison Friday afternoon.

It happened at Island Cove Marina in the 6600 block of Highway 58 around 2:45 p.m.

Hamilton County EMS spokeswoman Amy Maxwell confirms a 25-foot cabin cruiser caught fire near the docking station at the marina. The fire was spotted by a resident of the marina who untied the boat and pushed it from its slip, saving the other boats around it.

Maxwell says the boat owners were using the boat earlier in the day and were informed of the fire shortly after they left the marina.

Our crew at the scene says the fire is almost out and is not a danger to any of the other boats or buildings in the area.

A hazmat crew is responding to the scene to cleanup any fuel that may have spilled in the water.

No one was injured.

The cause of the fire is unknown and under investigation.

Damages are listed at $75,000-$80,000.

The Highway 58 Volunteer Fire Department and the Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department responded to the fire.

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