The manhunt in Marion County has exhausted resources for the small community.

Officers worked around the clock to bring the fugitive, Dewayne Halfacre into custody. Many took time out of their personal lives to put public safety first.

No traffic could get through the main intersection in Crossroads because officials were worried, Halfacre could’ve been nearby.

If you drive down Highway 283 to Whitwell, you can’t miss SueBob’s Diner, a local staple that’s normally bustling with customers.

However, Friday it was an empty diner, no customers because they were met with a closed off intersection because of the fugitive on the run.

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    “We understand what y’all are trying do, so we’re going to help in any way that we can and once this is resolved then our day will continue as normal,” said Owner Patty Henry.

    She didn’t have to open today, but she did because she wants to give back to those putting in long hours.

    “They look tired because this just seems never ending all week,” she explained.

    Empty chairs isn’t good for small businesses, but she said this week it’s not about the bottom line.

    “We’re all supposed to be here for each other, it’s not always about the dollar, right? It’s about community love and support and us helping each other through whatever trials and tribulations that come in front of us,” said Henry.