The latest celebrity to play KFC's manly Col. Sanders is a woman — and a famous one at that.

Grammy-winning country music star Reba McEntire dons the iconic white suit, black string tie, glasses, white wig and, yes, goatee as part of ad campaign for the fast-food chain's new Smoky Mountain BBQ fried chicken. 

"I've eaten KFC my whole life. It’s been a favorite. It’s American. It’s wholesome," said the Oklahoma native, who's a fan of the chain's chicken and coleslaw.

The outfit does get a bit of a feminine makeover, though. The two-piece suit includes lots of beading and appears to be tapered to McEntire's waist. She said the transformation via wig and make-up took hours.

McEntire is the 11th person to play the chain's famous founder, Col. Harlan Sanders. Previous portrayers include actors Ray Liotta, Rob Lowe, George Hamilton and Darrell Hammond.

The ad campaign launches Sunday.