Some people living in North Georgia are being forced to drive nearly 45 minutes to pick up their packages.

UPS has not been delivering to the doors of Talking Rock Creek in Chatsworth.

Homeowners are frustrated. They say this problem has been going on for months.

“Of course Amazon tells you it's been delivered but then you go oh no that's not true. Then I follow the UPS website and they tell me oh you have to go down to Dalton to pick it up well this is nuts,” said Patrick Beers, a homeowner.

The problem started in June of last year. Since then, it's been difficult for those living at talking rock creek resort to receive their packages.

For now, Kristi Blaylock says they have to drive from Chatsworth to Dalton, about a 40-minute commute, to pick up their package from the store.

“So that means I have to leave my job to go to Dalton to pick up my package or when they were dropping our packages off at the HOA office,” said Kristi Blaylock, a homeowner.

Property manager Sheryl McDonald, has been talking to the UPS corporate office about resolving the issue.

She says there's been a number of options on the table.

“Get a golf cart and unload packages and then go up the hill and deliver that way they also talked about providing GPS lockers were each customer each resident here could have their own lockbox,” said Sheryl McDonald, property manager.

UPS Public Relations Manager, Matthew O'Conner, says each driver can use their discretion about driving conditions.

O'Conner also released a statement saying, safely meeting our service commitments is UPS’s highest priority and that the mountain roads with the Talking Rock Creek Resort are not suitable for UPS's delivery vehicles.

Safely meeting our service commitments is UPS’s highest priority. In this case, our drivers and management have determined that the mountain roads within the Talking Rock Creek Resort are not suitable for UPS’s delivery vehicles. Residents can make arrangements to pick up their packages at The UPS Store or the UPS Customer Center in Dalton.” - Matthew O’Conner, Public Relations Senior Manager of UPS

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