UPDATE: Channel 3 is learning more about the search for the man who has led officers on a four day manhunt.

We're looking into what some are calling conflicting information from officials surrounding the Marion County search.

This all started on Monday when Dewayne Halfacre and Timothy Howell were on the run after a violent robbery in middle Tennessee.

Howell was taken into custody Monday morning in Whitwell, but the search continues for Halfacre.

Halfacre was spotted again on Tuesday in Whitwell. Deputies say Halfacre stole a Marion County patrol car, crashed into an embankment on Highway 283, and ran into the woods with a gun.

Charles Shelton is 86 years old.

He lives alone off a backroad in Whitwell, an area police believe 42-year-old Dewayne Halfacre could be hiding.

“They are doing a good job,” Shelton’s daughter, Tammie Walker says. “They got it pretty much sealed off in the Whitwell area.”

Shelton's daughter Tammie Walker lives in Jasper. She's been driving 30 minutes each day to make sure her father is okay.

“It is scary,” Walker says. “I call and check on him and come up.”

“I've been coming up every day now,” adds Walker.

Channel 3 now knows more about the moments leading up to this massive manhunt.

Sheriff Bo Burnett says a retired deputy saw Halfacre in his neighborhood, approaching an elderly women's home. He recognized him as the man wanted by Rutherford County authorities.

“He was afraid she might have been in danger, so he confronted him and they had an altercation,” Sheriff Burnett says. “He took possession of the patrol car and fled.”

The Whitwell police chief fired shots at the back tire to stop Halfacre.

Thursday, Channel 3 learned that Halfacre never crashed the deputy's vehicle into the Dollar General, as authorities first reported.

The car stalled at an embankment near Highway 283.

The Whitwell police chief tells us Halfacre threatened a deputy and pointed a gun toward him, but Halfacre never fired shots.

It is still unclear whose gun Halfacre has.

“No, we don't know whose gun it was,” Sheriff Burnett says. “The deputy did say the suspect was armed with a gun.”

The search was called off but relaunched Thursday when a sighting was reported near a cabin in a wooded area.

The lead, like the rest, led nowhere.

Walker is ready for this to end, so life can get back to normal.

“I hope so, for his safety and those involved,” says Walker.

Sheriff Burnett says the retired deputy who had his car stolen is working part-time with the department. The Sheriff says he has the same authority as a full time officer in confronting Halfacre.

Channel 3 asked Sheriff Burnett why conflicting information was released by his department and others when the manhunt started.

Sheriff Burnett could only tell us that he did not know why.

Channel 3 is still working to independently verify details of the search.

PREVIOUS STORY: A string of contradictory information has surrounded the Whitwell manhunt for robbery suspect Dewayne Halfacre.

On Thursday, Channel 3 learned that the Marion County Sheriff's Office vehicle allegedly stolen by Halfacre did not crash into a storefront as previously reported, but was caught on an embankment as another deputy attempted to shoot the vehicle's tires out. One tire was blown out and Halfacre fled on foot.

A weapon left in the vehicle belonged to the Marion County Sheriff's office, according to one source.

Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett says Halfacre was armed before the incident but did not shoot at an officer as was previously reported by authorities.

Burnett urged residents to stay alert and to call authorities if Halfacre is spotted, noting the suspect has "been out there three days without food."

Burnett said they've seen "nothing" during their searches for Halfacre in the area.

The search has resumed and is now focused on a cabin in a wooded area.

A manager of a local hardware store told Channel 3 that there was an increase in the number of people stopping by to make keys so they could start locking their doors at night. 

Channel 3 has a team in Marion County and will update this developing story.