UPDATE: One of the TBI’s top ten most wanted is still nowhere to be found. 

After three long days of extensive searching, Marion County Sheriff Ronnie “Bo” Burnette says his team needs rest. 

Burnette called off search efforts for Dewayne Halfacre late Wednesday evening. He says more than a dozen Whitwell Police officers, Marion County deputies, TBI agents and U.S Marshals searched the Whitwell area for Halfacre. 

"We will have limited personnel," Burnette said. "I’ve exhausted my personnel."

Burnette says he cannot confirm where Halfacre is.

"I just don’t have an answer to why we haven’t been able to catch him yet.," Burnette explained. "It’s not from lack of trying. I mean we’ve searched the area twice yesterday and again today.

Burnette says Halfacre is still believed to be armed and dangerous. However, he is unsure how Halfacre became armed. Contrary to information provided by Whitwell city officials, Burnette says Halfacre did not steal a deputy’s gun. He says the vehicle Halfacre stole earlier this week was a Crown Vic truck that belongs to a retired deputy. 

Halfacre is accused of robbing two store clerks in Almaville before the manhunt began. Burnette says he believes Halfacre is also connected to a robbery in Ringgold that happened early Monday morning, in which two gas station clerks were robbed at gunpoint.

Halfacre’s wife, Stacy, was on scene Tuesday night and was interviewed by authorities before briefly being detained. Burnette says the interview was not completed because of a reported spotting of Halfacre. He says his agency plans on completing the interview with Stacy, but says they can’t force her to participate. 

Burnette says he plans to update Whitwell residents on the search through media outlets. He is encouraging residents to continue reporting any suspicious activity or person, and stay alert. 

"A day or two more, [and] I’m going to feel safe that he’s somewhat way made it out of this area," Burnette said.

If you know where Halfacre is or have any information you’re asked to call 1-800-TBI-FIND. There is a $2,500 reward.