UPDATE: Deliberations will begin Thursday in the case against Benjamin Brewer. 

The eastern Kentucky truck driver is charged with 12 counts related to the crash that killed six people and hurt six others in June 2015.

Prosecutors say Brewer was high on meth at the time of the crash but the defense says Brewer fell asleep behind the wheel. 

Both sides rested after calling 17 witnesses to testify on the stand. 

They ranged from people in the crash to various experts.

The defense called their first witness Wednesday morning, a truck driver from Ohio that testified he was behind Brewer at the time of the crash.

"So the first move would have been with the wheel. This was the first thing, then the brake lights came on and we were in the center lane," Todd Fortune testified. 

The defense brought in Dr. Robert Belloto from Ohio as their own expert toxicologist. He testified Brewer's blood test results weren't through and that meth may not have been in Brewer's blood at the time of the crash. 

Belloto also pointed out the results didn't differentiate between two different types of meth. 

It's another way the defense is trying to prove that Brewer was not high on meth at the time of the crash. 

"I would keep digging. What else is there that would rather confirm or say it’s not," Belloto testified.

"Was that done is this case?" Defense attorney Mike Little asked. 

"I wouldn’t say it was done but there’s definitely information that would say it’s probably not methamphetamine," Belloto replied. 

A lot of people have been following the trial, including Richard Chapman from Ringgold.

He came to the courtroom Wednesday to see the man on trial with his own eyes.

"I wanted to see his body movements and see what his reactions were. This is the first testimony that I've heard was the gentleman that was up there, so I just wanted to see his reactions," Chapman said.

When asked if he thought Brewer was guilty or innocent of causing the crash, Chapman said: "Based on what I've heard, I would definitely say he is responsible for the deaths of those people. And what kind of judgment should be rendered in that case, I don't know," Chapman said.

It will be the jury's job to decide Brewer's fate. 

They will return Thursday morning to begin deliberations. 

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