If the bitter cold of winter is getting you down, hope is on the horizon: a colorful spring snack has recently been spotted — and it might just be bright enough to chase your winter blues away.

In 2017, Peeps, the quintessential Easter basket essential, and Oreo teamed up for a limited-edition treat with golden wafer cookies sandwiching a bright pink marshmallow-flavored creme. We thought the cookies were incredibly sweet, but still didn't really taste like Peeps.

This year, Oreo is trying again with a brand new version of the Easter-themed cookie.

The 2018 edition of the Peeps-flavored Oreo is taking a darker turn and now features chocolate cookies with a purple marshmallow Peeps-flavored creme inside. Of course, we're all for the combination of chocolate and marshmallows ... Peeps s'mores, any one?

Though the cookies aren't due out in stores for a few weeks, snack and candy blogger JunkBanter, discovered the latest Oreo variety already available at a CVS store.