UPDATE: A man is in the Marion County Jail following a police chase that began in Dade County, GA, and ended in Marion County, TN.

On Saturday, the Trenton City Police Department posted on Facebook that deputies in Dade County received a call in reference to shots fired on Vine Lane. 

According to the post, dispatch said the suspect, who has been identified as 33-year-old Daniel Southerland of South Pittsburg, physically assaulted a woman, fired several rounds from a handgun and attempted to run over her with his vehicle.  

Police said Monday, "it was found during the course of the on-scene investigation, that the suspect had shot at the victim’s car, at her bed inside the residence, and possibly while driving down the street, but never actually at the victim herself."

Southerland then fled the scene in a black 1993 Toyota Carolla. A Trenton City Police officer attempted to stop Southerland as he drove through Trenton, but was unable to.

Southerland continued onto I-59 N. Officers followed as he left Georgia and entered Tennessee. 

The Tennessee Highway Patrol attempted to stop the suspect with spike strips as he drove through Marion County. The suspect was able to escape the strips. 

The post went on to say, "a Marion County deputy attempted to box suspect in and bring [him] to a stop when the suspect aimed a .357 revolver at the deputy."

The suspect exited the highway at the Kimball exit. Officers and deputies were stationed at the bottom of the exit waiting for Southerland. They were able to arrest him without any officers or deputies getting injured. 

Southerland is on probation in several counties. The victim also has a temporary protection order against the suspect.

He faces several assault charges and multiple traffic charges.