A cup of coffee could give insight into the day ahead.

When you pour your next cup of coffee, pay attention to the bubbles. Notice what the bubbles are doing. Are they collaborating together? Are they spreading out to the sides? Bubbles are filled with air, and like air pressure, this can give insight into what the air pressure is doing.

If the bubbles come together in the center of the cup, this would be indicating low pressure and the air would be rising. If the bubbles spread out, and essentially pop quickly, this would indicate high pressure and the sinking of air.

Bubbles in your coffee can't predict the weather, days in advance or even 24 hours, but it could help plan your day for the next 6-12 hours. A cup poured at 6:00 am will look different than one poured at 2:00 pm in the afternoon.

Try it out this week! There is lower pressure moving in Tuesday during the day, and Wednesday we should see higher pressure building. Notice the changes in your cup of coffee. If you don't see bubbles at all, try adding creamer and sugar to help generate bubbles.

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