Several Tennessee politicians have released statements about the government shutdown.

Congressman Chuch Fleishman expressed his feelings about the shutdown on Twitter saying," I cannot fathom how Senate Democrats have put party over country with a decision that results in service members suffering tremendously and over 70,000 children in Tennessee possibly losing health insurance.

Congressman Fleischmann posted on Facebook Saturday afternoon that he is still in Washington Saturday working to help reopen the government.

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke also took to Twitter to share his thoughts. He applauded the Tennesseeans who are participating in women's marches across the state.

Senator Lamar Alexander released a statement saying he was elected to keep the government operating for taxpayers. 

Sen. Alexander said, "Democrats are voting to shut down the government; I'm voting to keep it open and solve problems."

Former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, who is currently running for Senate, is calling for Tennessee representatives in Washington to help get the government back on track.

“This shutdown is absurd, and it’s the direct result of the out-of-control partisanship that is killing our country. Congress needs to get back to basics, and there are few things more basic for our well-paid Congress to do than to pass a budget and keep our country’s doors open. You don’t shut down the government of the world’s leading democracy over disagreements about issues. When Tennesseans get behind the wheel today, common sense tells them to make sure they’re keeping the car between the lines on the road. I believe most Tennesseans want this failure by Congress fixed now, before it does any more damage. I call on Tennessee’s representatives in Washington to find a bipartisan way to get our car back on the road.”

Georgia government officials are also weighing in on the shutdown.

Senator David Perdue of Georgia expressed that he feels Democrats are irresponsibly using government funding as a "bargaining chip."

“This Schumer Shutdown is absolutely ridiculous. It is totally irresponsible for the Democrats to use government funding as a bargaining chip. Democrats have created a false deadline by trying to tie illegal immigration to government funding. As I’ve consistently said, these are two totally different issues and should be dealt with separately. Ever since I was sworn into the United States Senate, I have been talking about the total collapse of the budgeting process. Only four times in the past 43 years has this budget process actually funded the federal government. These repeated failures have manifested into a pattern of short-term funding patches, continuing resolutions, that hamstring our military. This short-term mentality in Washington has got to stop. When Congress fails to complete its budget, the best outcome is that six or eight people determine how to spend a trillion dollars of discretionary spending. Clearly, Congress’ funding mechanism does not work and will never work. We are doomed to this cycle of fiscal irresponsibility until Congress reworks this budget process to successfully meet its Constitutional responsibility of funding the federal government.”

Representative Tom Graves of Georgia feels Democrats are holding the government hostage.

"I supported the short-term government funding bill that passed the House on Thursday, which delays harmful Obamacare taxes and also extends the Children’s Health Insurance Program for six years. The House did its job. The sole reason the government shut down is because Senate Democrats refused to join Senate Republicans to pass the House’s funding bill. It takes 60 votes to pass government funding legislation in the Senate, and there are only 51 Republicans. Democrats are holding the entire government hostage for a completely unrelated issue that doesn't have an immediate deadline – DACA. There have been high-level negotiations over illegal immigration and border security for months. There’s just not an agreement yet. The bottom line: few people understand why Democrats want to disrupt life for Americans, put national security at risk and put sick children at risk over illegal immigration. There’s no pressing deadline and no reason for them to abandon talks.”

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