Saturday, thousands of Chattanoogans joined millions of people across the country for a Women's March.

There were guest speakers and singing before people marched, carried signs and chanted along the 1.8-mile route.

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"It's amazing to be a part and see other people who are supporting the causes we are,” said Hannah Bujak. “Sometimes you feel alone, but it's great to see everyone here who is equal minded and here to make a difference."

Bujak hopes her voice is heard.

However, it wasn’t only about equality for women, many people used it as an opportunity to speak out against policies, the President, and the government shut down.

"Let me hear you loud and clear refugees are welcome here!” marchers chanted.

"We're out today to support all of those who are marginalized, underprivileged," Bujak urged.

"The national focus really is on getting power to the polls,” Samantha Boucher, who is on the organizing committee, explained. “We really want to get women in political office and positions of power.”

Bujak also said the news of the government shutdown makes the march even more important.

"Hopefully we'll be heard; hopefully, we'll make a difference,” Bujak urged. “That's the most important thing, that each person can make a difference. If we lose sight of that, then we lose the battle."

Marches took place across the nation. This is the second year for the march.