It's a scary thought: you or one of your kids stuck on the side of the road during a snow storm.

How to stay warm? What about carbon monoxide poisoning? running out of gas?

If you have an Android phone, this app may save their life.

Winter Survival Kit is from North Dakota State University Extension Service and they put some work into it.

Set it up by entering emergency phone numbers for the police, your family or your insurance provider.

You can also add policy numbers for insurance or Triple-A.

Those contacts are saved and in case of an emergency you're a step closer to calling for help.

Enter the gas tank capacity for your car. Then what the gas gauge shows.

The app then displays an estimate of how long you can run your car to stay warm.

If you start feeling drowsy, Winter Survival Kit will send an alert every 30 minutes to remind you to turn off your car to avoid carbon monoxide buildup.

The iPhone's version of Winter Survival Kit doesn't have all those tools, but it will send your location to people on your contact list and post to your Facebook wall.

Of course neither of these apps will help if your phone's battery is running low. So keep a fully-charged portable charger with you.

And if you're depending on your car to charge your phone, pick up a charging port that goes into your cigarette lighter.

Those USB ports in newer vehicles are powerful enough to keep the battery from dying, but most won't charge a phone.

The Anker 24W Car Charger fits into the cigarette lighter and provides a quick and powerful charge to most USB powered devices and is inexpensive at $10.