If you didn't resolve to do a better job with passwords in 2018, you maybe should.

Millions of people had their information stolen by hackers just in December.

According to the security checkpoint website Have I Been Pawned, the hacks hit no fewer than eight websites.

If you signed up to use Lyrics Mania to find out what a song was saying, yours may have been among the 109-thousand email addresses, passwords and usernames that were stolen.

The virtual keyboard app ai-type, had a breach that affected 31 million email addresses, social media profiles, address book contacts and phone numbers.

It's an example of what can happen by visiting any website.

They're all susceptible to hacks.

If a victim of one of these hacks used the same username and password that they use on an important account, the hackers have that username and password too.

At the very least, have different usernames and passwords for those critical accounts such as bank, credit card, Amazon, and Google.

I also strongly urge you to visit the website, have I been pawned, enter any username or email address and it will search then show if the username or email address you use, has been compromised in a data breach.

Security experts warned that December would be a busy month for hackers, and it appears they were correct.