When it comes to getting healthy, this is where most people start, in the gym, but Dr. Steven Lin says the first stop should be your dentists office.

Dr. Steven Lin says, "The mouth teaches us exactly how we should eat for a healthy body."

Dr. Steven Lin is author of The Dental Diet.

He says the first place you should look for signs of underlying health problems is in your mouth.

Dr. Steven Lin says, "We've lost a huge story of how nutrition affects everything in the mouth from tooth decay to gum disease, including crooked teeth and we can actually prevent all these conditions through food."

Foods like eggs, butter, cheese, fish, and almonds and cutting back on things like chips, chocolate, juice, and processed foods.

Dr. Steven Lin says, "It's really getting back to a focus on traditional foods and well sourced rich in these vitamins."

Dr. Lin says tooth problems are red flags for other problems, like heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Lin says it is important for people to look at their dental health as a marker for their well being.

Dr. Steven Lin says, "If we actually change the diet early on especially in children, we can change the trajectory of a person's health throughout a person's life."

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