Zarzours, on Chattanooga’s Southside, has been serving hamburgers and southern food for a century. The photos on the wall there, tell the story of the progress the family restaurant has made from its humble beginnings.

Joe Dixie Fuller is the current owner and manager.

"My great-grandfather came here from Syria,” reflects Fuller. “I mean, spoke very broken English. He showed up here in Chattanooga and started running a little cafe style peanut brittle, peanuts, sodas. And then he started adding things to the menu as things went along."

The restaurant has been in the same location and run by the same family since it opened on January 18, 1918. They’ve witnessed the ever-evolving aesthetics of the neighborhood. But through those good times and the bad, the customers always seemed to find their way through the door for a great lunch.

"I've probably seen four generations of regulars come through this restaurant, “ said Fuller. “We’ve got some pretty loyal and special regulars.”

Fuller says he’s excited about the future of Zarzours and the Southside community.

“The Southside is just a beautiful spot. They’ve turned us into a good food and arts district and lots of good places to go. It's just really neat."