The frigid temperatures may not be here too much longer, but the cold can do some serious damage to your car.

Most problems in cars during cold weather take time to happen, but local mechanic Nathan Rhodes says that wasn't the case Wednesday after this week's cold snap. 

It was an unusually slow start to the week at Maxi Auto Service in East Brainerd. 

"It's slowed down a little bit because when the weather's like this, you know, a lot of people don't get out," Rhodes tells Channel 3. 

But as the snow and ice clears, more drivers are getting back on the road. Some of them are having to make pit stops at Maxi's to get their cars checked out. 

"We've seen a lot of low tire pressure lights on," Rhodes says. "We have inflated quite a few tires, fixed a few flats but mostly just low tire pressure."

It's a problem Rhodes says is common in the cold.

"You can count on a bout one psi (per square inch) of tire pressure for every 10° that drops," says Rhodes.

That's not all. Rhodes says he's seen a lot of coolant leaks and battery problems too. 

"Extreme cold will take its toll on a battery, so if your battery's been doing good through the summer and the fall and it dropped to 20° or 17° or something outside there's a good chance it might just be done," says Rhodes.

It's something Rhodes says more drivers may experience over time. It's why he's making sure the shop has a full stock of supplies and will be keeping its doors open.

"If you can make it into work there's a good chance somebody is going to need your help," says Rhodes.

Rhodes wants drivers to keep one thing mind: "It's always a good idea to have booster cables, blankets, and water," Rhodes says. "I mean who knows around here what kind of weather we'll see, you don't want to get stranded on the highway."

Rhodes says potholes will be a big problem for drivers over the next few days and the damage can be costly.

If a driver hits a pothole and experiences damage to their vehicle, they may submit a damage claim. Investigators will review the circumstances and determine if the pothole was reported correctly.

If the issue was not reported then the cost of the damage could fall back on you. That's why it is important to report any pothole or road issue you may see.

You can report a pothole by clicking here.