A young woman says she was coming to the defense of a kiosk worker when she was attacked inside Hamilton Place Mall.

The attack was caught on camera and now police are looking for the attackers.

"I thought they were going to kill me," said Chandler Rothermel. 

The attack near the Hamilton Place food court lasted only a few minutes. Chandler Rothermel says she's still not sure what prompted it.

"I didn't do anything but say hey leave this woman alone or I'm going to call mall security and they just attacked us like animals all together, all at once," said Rothermel. 

Chandler works in the mall and says she saw a group of people harassing a woman working at a perfume kiosk.

She says she told them to stop and they jumped her and a friend.

"He pushed me onto the ground and was just slamming me into the back of the head like left, right, left, right and I was just on the ground covering my head and he was just pounding away at the back of my head," said Rothermel. 

First responders checked her out she says she's bruised from the attack, but otherwise okay. She's still not sure what started the altercation at the perfume counter before she got there.

Police would not allow us to have a copy of the surveillance video they are reviewing, but did release two pictures of a man they are calling a suspect. Not knowing what prompted the attack makes returning to work a challenge for Rothermel. 

"It's upsetting because I love people and I want to love people and that's why I work in the retail business because I just love people and don't want to stop loving people," said Rothermel. 

A spokesperson for Hamilton Place Mall tells Channel 3, mall staff is cooperating with police, who are asking for information about the man in the surveillance pictures.

If you have any information that can help investigators call Chattanooga Police at (423)-698-2525.