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McCaysville stores struggling to keep water in stock

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The cold weather is making it even harder for McCaysville and Copperhill residents to get water, and store shelves are quickly drying up. 

Store owners are doing everything they can to keep up with the demand, but it’s not easy. 

Channel 3 visited multiple stores, all of them are getting extra help to respond to the local water crisis. 

“Probably close to 100 gallons today so far,” Edward Vest, owner of Hometown Foods in McCaysville, said looking at half empty shelves. 

Bottles and jugs of water are flying off the shelves in Vest’s store. Monday, he sold nearly 100 gallons of water by lunchtime. 

“You see buggies of water. Maybe not getting groceries, but just water,” Vest explained. 

He’s stocking up his shelves to help his customers, calling on his supplier in North Carolina to help.

“This is water and this is water,” Vest pointed at pallets of cardboard boxes in his stock room, “Normally I don’t keep water but I don’t get another truck until Friday.” 

The pallets that arrived Monday have 168 gallons of water each. In a normal week, Vest sells about 40 gallons of water. Right now he’s selling roughly 4 pallets a week, that’s 672 gallons of water. 

“When you need it you realize what a necessity it is,” said Vest.

The city of Copperhill is trying to help out residents by giving out bottles of water, but most of the water froze when the temperature dropped.

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About four miles away in Ducktown, grocery stores are also having trouble keeping water in stock. 

“It has been quite a bit of water that we’ve sold,” said Eddie Goforth, assistant manager at Piggly Wiggly. 

Until the problem is fixed and water is back on and clear to drink, store owners said they will do what they can to help.

Copperhill city officials are working on installing an emergency water line with Copper Basin Utility. In a Facebook post Sunday, they said that water line should be finished within the week.

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