First responders rescued a woman from a burning home in Chattanooga Sunday morning.  

It happened on O'Grady Drive around 4:00 a.m.

There were several people and a couple of pets inside the home at the time of the fire.  Firefighters had to go through the ceiling to get access to the attic where the fire was located.

“My husband and I heard a pop, pop, pop,” said Susan Jones, homeowner.

When Susan Jones and her husband started to search the home for the fire they saw it in the bathroom.  The flames were also covering the wall of her mother's bedroom. Jones says her mother is bedridden and has late stage dementia making it difficult to get her out of the house.

“We could not work her hospital bed because there was no electricity,” said Jones.

Captain Tim Zink with the Chattanooga Fire Department said the elderly woman was wrapped in her bed sheets so she could be carried out of the burning home.

“She's completely untouched by that fire not a hair on her head was hurt we are just praising God today,” said Jones.

Jones says two rooms are damaged, the rest of the house has smoke damage.

“The fire department said the electric box on the outside of the house started the fire,” said Jones.

The fire department returned Sunday afternoon because parts of the home were still smoldering.

“I think some insulation in the roof was smoldering and they just came back out to a sure that it was back out again,” said Jones.

Jones says members from her church, Hamilton Community Church, helped sort through the family’s belongings for anything that could be saved.

She says the American Red Cross is helping them pay for a hotel room while they figure out what is next.

“Completely amazing I didn't expect that kind of help and we're going to sleep in a warm bed tonight,”
said Jones.