With the threat of the dreaded wintery mix, crews from the Tennessee Department of Transportation were out early Friday, preparing to treat interstates and state roads to prevent freezing and dangerous conditions.

Plows were installed on TDOT trucks, tanks were filled with the calcium melting agents and crews have prepared to hit the roads.

Tim Worley, TDOT Operations Technician Supervisor told Channel 3 "When it comes to, you know, maintaining the roadways and keeping them safe, there's no bounds. It is very crucial to keep this open. This is like, I've heard the term, a major artery from Nashville to Chattanooga."

TDOT deploys 180 salt trucks and 149 brine trucks to distribute 76,046 tons of salt and spread 254,909 gallons of brine on the roads in the southeastern part of Tennessee.

In some cases, TDOT crews will work into the night to keep roads safe and open to traffic.

But as always, avoiding travel on the roads is the best way to stay safe.