Cheri Hudgins knew she had to make some major changes after a trip to the emergency room back in 2015.

Cheri Hudgins says, "I went into the hospital had some fluid on my lungs, could not breathe."

Cheri ended up staying in the hospital for two days.

But that wasn't the last time her health gave her a major scare.  She soon found herself back in the hospital again.

At her heaviest Cheri was 444 pounds.

Cheri Hudgins says, "That's when I said okay if I want to live, be around for my kids, I need to get myself together." 

So Cheri slowly started to make some changes. She started in the kitchen.

Cheri Hudgins says, "I was just sharing my journey and decided I would show my journey then people ask me hey Cheri can you prep my meal?"

From there Cheri started Perfect Portions, but she didn't stop there. She is partnering with others to launch a new healthy lifestyle class.

The first step is mental.

Cheri Hudgins says, "Make sure you understand the journey you are getting ready to go on; how did you get to where you are now."

Next comes the physical aspect: start moving.

Cheri Hudgins says, "Weekly routines from a beginner to someone who is advanced."

And finally, portion control and healthy eating.

Cheri Hudgins says, "I'm helping people with making sure you are getting the right meals in to help you. You have to make sure you have the fuel in your body." 

Cheri has now lost more than 200 pounds and her journey isn't complete just yet.  She wants people to remember to just take small steps.

Cheri Hudgins says, "It's just the quality of life, getting in my vehicle and being able to sit in the car was uncomfortable so just little things."

Cheri says she wants to stress getting to this point hasn't been easy, and you will experience some setbacks, but the key is not to give up and staying focused.

To learn more, visit the Healthy Lifestyle 101 event happening on February 12 at the Shepherd Recreation Center from 6:00 - 7:45PM. For more information on the event, call (423) 822-7673.