The Deja Nu Thrift Store has been closed for about a month and a half now.

The executive director for the Humane Educational Society says every day the store doesn't make a sale it takes money away from the animals in need.

The thrift store has been closed since an SUV crashed into the building in early December.

The Humane Educational Society Executive Director, Bob Citrullo, says the store’s average income is about $8,000 a month.

“Each month that goes by it just makes it harder for us so we really are feeling the fact that we have been closed, said Bob Citrullo, HES Executive Director.

When the vehicle crashed into the building, it went through the furniture section damaging every item.

Citrullo says these goods are high dollar items.

The store’s clothing cannot be sold because it was covered in shattered glass.

The crash also caused major damage to the building.

”They are working on a large metal beam that had to be created and put back in the place which is actually a support beam as you can see the glass windows have to be reinstalled,” said Citrullo.

Citrullo says being closed during the Christmas shopping season hurt the business.

He says even though they were closed they still received many donations.

“I have received several letters from people in the community that donated a little money here or there just in an effort just to help us because of the closing of the store,” said Citrullo.

Citrullo says he believes construction will be complete by the end of the month.

He says there will a grand reopening by early February.