Clean up continues on the Tennessee River near Chattanooga’s Riverfront after more than one thousand gallons of fuel leaked into the water.

Norfolk Southern is taking responsibility. The company hired several environmental remediation companies to do the cleanup work.

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Crews still have a lot of work to do. 

Local boaters we spoke with are hesitant to be on the water.

Dennis Burdett enjoys being out on the water, and with temperatures ten degrees higher Wednesday than earlier this week, he wanted to go canoeing. 

“Come out to paddle because it warmed up," Burdett said. "I need it!” 

That was his plan until we told him one thousand gallons of fuel leaked from the DeButt's rail yard into the Citico Creek, and some of that fuel spilled over into the Tennessee River. 

“Well, it's pretty scary. Business and government get together and keep these things from happening," Burdett said."I am sure more can be done.”

The EPA and Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation are investigating the leak.  

A search of EPA's database turned up no previous issues or violations at DeButt’s yard. 

“Pretty scary, maybe somebody can look into that and see what caused this to happen," he said.

In the meantime, Burdett explained that he plans to avoid the polluted water. 

“That is a lot," he said. "I don't know the parts per million that it boils down to in the end, but anything is bad.”

A spokesperson for Norfolk Southern said they are doing everything they can to minimize the impact here on the Tennessee River.