Multiple car wrecks across the Tennessee Valley Monday kept local towing companies busy.

"Monday mornings are really busy for us to start with," Rick Mincy, towing sales manager at Doug Yates Towing and Recovery, said. "Plus, add the ice and the cold conditions and it's even worse." 

Before 1:00 pm Monday, the company had already towed dozens of vehicles.

The cold weather and icy conditions are said to be the cause of many car wrecks and house fires.

It’s a problem that is keeping insurance agencies extremely busy. So busy they are in what they call "catastrophe losses."

"It means there have been enough claims on the fire and auto side, meaning homes and vehicles, that we've actually got extra help for claims now," Hank DeHart, an insurance agent, explained.

DeHart said anyone who is involved in a wreck needs to remember documentation.

Some key pieces of information to get:

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Papers from a doctor's visit after the accident
  • Information from everyone involved

"We see all the time where people say, 'oh we'll just handle it, whatever,'" DeHart explained. "Then they get that $3,000 bill, and their story changes."

DeHart said coverage will vary depending on a driver's insurance plan.

However, when it comes down to it, both the towing company and insurance agency said they need clients to remember to be understanding.

"Be patient, that's the main thing," Mincy urged. "Be patient, be understanding because right now everybody is so busy."